It occurred to me the other day that not everyone knows what Galentines Day is. For me it was always an excuse for my single gals and I to get together and celebrate the love we have for each other – talking about boys, eating some good food and drinking some bubbly, sometimes even doing a craft or something fun together. As some of us started pairing off we kept the tradition going, although it has been a few years since I had the time to sit down and plan one (I should try and bring it back next year, maybe if I write it down and all of you read it it will hold me to my word).

    What I love most about my job is the industry people who are always up to collaborate or get together and just talk. This sweet little table set up was such a fun way to brighten up a dreary winter day – and Melanie’s Cakes has the most delicious treats for us to enjoy. We also had little gift boxes for the ladies with some of my favourite products!!

    Collaboration with

    Photography // Heather Hugo Photography

    Florals // CBL Floral Design

    Cakes & Cookies // Melanie’s Cakes

    Design & Planning // Shannon Bellisle

    gift box: Coven Perfume by Lady Hayes // Eluo face mask purchased from The Girl Floral // Momentary Escape, Tonka Noir lotion purchased at Inhabit Interiors // Wildcraft Buff face & body scrub

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