This post gives me all the feels. One of my favourite things from our trip to England was all of the secret gardens we got to wander through – my last post gave you a little taste with Dunster Castle, but these next three locations will take your breath away even more. A lot of these images were printed and put into a folder for one of my 2019 wedding designs, and I’m not going to lie this design has me questioning all of my wedding design choices and wanted to get re-married!!

    W E L L S

    I’m not even sure where to start with this place. I probably have enough photos from Wells that I could create a stand alone post on it’s own. So I apologize in advance for all the photos [seriously, I am way over the recommended amount for a blog post].

    T Y N T S F I E L D

    This place wasn’t just one garden, it was a bunch of gardens that were all kind of tucked away from one another. Every time we came to a new spot there was some kind of secret path to a stunning new garden or greenhouse that made me actually jump up and down with glee. Again, way too many photos but you know what – I do what I want! [plus it is just really hard to choose!]


    Lastly this little farm was certainly not in any of the tourist brochures, but I am so happy we went here for lunch one day. Wandering around their gardens was the perfect way to spend a rainy day in England. Not to mention the food we had for lunch was all grown from their gardens and was delicious!